Past Lives Productions Inc

Odette Blanch

Past Lives Productions Inc. and Co-Producer of Passing Reunion

Odette's unique ability to write seems to run in the family. She is the grandniece of the acclaimed writer, interpreter, and historian, Itic Swartz Cara. She is currently working as Director/Co-Writer for The Translator, Dark Curtains, Co-writer for TV pilot currently titled Dark Sided Jewel, and Director/Writer for Cover To Cover. Blanch is an associate member of the Director's Guild of Canada (DGC) and a Ryerson University Graduate. Her past experience in the film industry encompasses both film as well as stage. Her diverse skills are readily apparent on both sides of the camera. She has directed and written a feature film called Vengeance Circle and film shorts which include: Silence in Chaos, The Search, Loneliness, Date from Hell, Loser Date Parade, and Don't Slip the Dark. Also to her credit is a corporate training video for Watkins Tool and Dye, which included editing.

Katheryn Swann

CEO Oma Shanti Inc. - Co-Producer of Passing Reunion

Katheryn Swann began as an actress at the age of ten in her hometown in Chicago's western suburbs. In 2009, she became the assistant to an Executive Producer and launched her career in Investor Relations. By 2012, she expanded into her own production companies and partnerships, working with Hollywood and matching productions with investors. Swann was part of the original concept development team for a Chicago-based company and returned to her home state in 2015 to both be a part of the fast-growing Chicago cinema scene, which led to some of the events written into Passing Reunion. Swann is returning in full-force doing what she does best - her company Oma Shanti Inc. is producing this feature film, alongside a feature documentary and she is still managing her Hollywood clients' executive production developments. Oma Shanti Inc. produces high-minded content to stimulate the growing market of intelligent, socially conscious filmmakers. She is excited to share a glimpse of her own experiences in this debut "dramedy" that highlights her deep love for her sweet home Chicago.

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